Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Amazing jQuery Flipbook Plugins for Improved Navigation and HTML5

Nowadays, most of people have their own website or blog to share their experience or share something wonderful and useful information. Then in order to attract more visitors, you may need to enrich the content and beautify the layout of your website. Well, at present inserting a jQuery flipbook plugin is a popular way to make your website attractive and impressive. There is no doubt that amazing jQuery flipbook plugins can help improve navigation and HTML5 with ease. Then in the article, we are going to show you an easy-to-use flipbook maker PUB HTML5 free  to createjQuery flipbook plugin in minutes.

Impressive Reading Experience
PUB HTML5 provides a simple way for users to convert PDF, images and MS Office to digital publication like e-catalog, e-magazine, e-brochure, e-book and photo album with page flipping effect. On one hand, it can make users have a wonderful reading experience; on the other hand, it may help you keep the users stay on your website and increase the website traffic.

Outstanding Multimedia and Animation Editor
With PUBHTML5 (, you can create different wonderful animation contents in page flip book based on your imagination. Edit Page function of PUB HTML5 allows users to insert multimedia contents into digital publication with ease. Animation Editor is a powerful tool to add animated elements to digital publication to make it vivid and special.

Publish jQuery FlipBook Plugin

And then move to publish section and select “Save as Plugin” to create jQuery flipbook plugin. After that you can continue to install the plugin to enrich your website now. By the way, you can publish plugin for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal easily. What’s more, it is compatible with almost all browsers of mobile devices. 


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