Monday, July 20, 2015

Digital Publishing Software Free Download for Improving Customer Experiences

Customer experience is not just a rational experience between organization and customers. It is about how the customer feels about your customer, your services and more. Then in order to retain more customers and increase revenues, you need to create customer experience strategy for your business. Here we will focus on improving customer experiences with digital publishing software.

Why Customer Experiences Important
Good customer experiences help get higher customer referral and customer satisfaction. And then it will help your website rank well in search engine results. Besides, excellent customer experiences can create a competitive advantages and differences.

Deliver Value to Customer
If you want to retain customer, then you should deliver value to customer instead of advertisement and promotion messages all the time. With FlipHTML5, you can deliver contents in visual and effective way. Because you can insert multimedia contents such as video, images, text, flash and more to deliver value messages.

Measure and Google Analytics
You can measure exactly how happy or unhappy your customers are about your product or services. FlipHTML5 allows users to insert Google Analytics ID for having a deep insight into your customer thought and behavior. After that, you can modify your digital magazine and digital content for improving customer experiences with ease. Learn more about Google Analytics features:

FlipHTML5 is awesome digital publishing software for creating awesome digital publication. On one hand, it can help you deliver useful messages in an effective way; on the other hand, it can help you improve customer experiences in some ways. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015



  首先,你需要備有一款製作電子出版物的軟體,推薦使用 Flip PDF Professional, 它是一款功能強大的PDF 文檔轉換軟體。先把需要轉換的 PDF 文檔導入軟體界面,進入編輯頁面,然後按照以下3個方法操作: 





Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Free Presentation Tool to Create a Presentation That Will Impress

Do you know that PowerPoint has been launched over 25 years? With the help of PowerPoint, most of us can create and deliver a presentation for business, class and more. The good news is that you are no longer limited to create and give a presentation with PowerPoint. There are multiple free presentation tools for you to create a presentation that will impress you audiences simply. Focusky is one of the free presentation tools that either work with PowerPoint file or make your start from scratch to make and give engaging presentations.

Start from PowerPoint or Scratch
Focusky ( offers you a tool that similar to PowerPoint, and it has the advantages of being online. In addition, you are able to import an existing PowerPoint presentation into Focusky for editing and enriching. Furthermore, you can start from pre-designed templates to create your fabulous presentations.

Online and Offline Creation
There are two versions of Focusky. One is online version which allows you to create presentations online by uploading PDF and PowerPoint file. But you can't edit presentation while you are using web based Focusky. The other is desktop solution that allows you edit and publish presentation as web page, video, app and archive. However, desktop solution also allows you to publish your killer presentation to cloud in order to share and embed easily.

Share and Embed Presentation
Social networking is an excellent platform for you to share and communicate with your friends. Then Focusky offers a convenient way to share your killer online presentation to social networking. What’s more, it can be embedded into website as you need.

All in all, Focusky is excellent free presentation tool to create killer multimedia content and animated presentation. What's more, it is a outstanding web based tool for creating engaging presentation to impress your audiences. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Top 3 Awesome Flip Book Makers That Will Dramatically Improve Your Business

As a business owner, you may try hard to figure out some suitable and effective solutions to improve your business. Before you start the process to improve your business, you should have clear ideas where your business could improve. If you find your digital publishing aspect is weak, that 3 awesome flip book makers that will help you dramatically improve your business in digital publishing aspect.

Flip HTML5
If you would like to create digital content for your marketing strategy or improving business, Flip HTML5 can help a lot. Firstly, Flip HTML5 is easy-to-use flip book maker to convert PDF, MS Office file and images into page flip book. Secondly, you are able to insert animation multimedia contents such as video, link and more elements to make purchase easier and build brand awareness easily. Thirdly, there is online publishing platform for creating online page flip book.

Finally, your online page flip book can be shared to social networking and accessed through mobile devices smoothly. Furthermore, it is affordable and powerful flip book maker which can help you cut cost and attract more traffic by embedding into website.  

Flip PDF
Flip PDF is another professional flip book maker which is enjoyed market all over the world. Compared with Flip HTML5, Flip PDF is with simple functions for creating page flip book. If stunning page turning effect is what your need, Flip PDF will be a better choice for you. But please pay attention that Flip PDF doesn’t have page editor or animation editor to insert multimedia contents on digital publication. And Flip PDF doesn’t support to create page flip book from Office documents.

3D PageFlip Professional

The most obvious difference between Flip HTML5 and 3D Page Flip Professional is that flip html5 is html5 based and 3d pageflip professiona is flash based. 3D PageFlip can convert PDF, MS Office file and images into flip book with page turning effect as well. Moreover, it allows you to change the angle of flip book in order to make it vivid. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Publish rich media content for your online marketing

As you know, tide and time wait for no man. It is important to know the upcoming trends so that you have the chance to be a few steps ahead of your competitors. Recently, visitors pay more attention on visual content than ever before. So it is high time to publish rich media content for your online marketing.

By definition, rich media is any form of content that deviates from normal text and static images. And it gives you the chance to add dynamic and visual elements to engage with your visitors. For example, you can use a video to explain the complex and abstract object instead of the long and boring text. It is predicted that by 2017, video content will account for 69 percent of consumer internet traffic. Therefore, why not add a video to attract your visitors?

Now, the digital publishing software can help you to publish rich media content online within a matter of minutes. As you always publish the digital eBooks, catalogs, brochures and flyers online, you can improve the reading experience easily. Most of flipbook software ( ) allows you to add unlimited numbers of videos, audios, YouTube videos, flash animations, images, links and slideshows etc to capture the visitors’ vision.

An example from intelligently takes advantage of the rich media for online marketing. It is a flipping catalog in German that introduces Nikken products. In this catalog, it employs dynamic images, links and videos to display how wonderful their products are. And at least its pop-up videos give a deep impression to the visitors. When it comes to online marketing, it has very considerate setting for social sharing and emailing. With several clicks, you can easily share the flipping catalog with friends through social networks or emails. Also, due to the html5 technology it utilized, this book-like catalog can be viewed smoothly with mobile device. Surprisingly, it even is a search engine friendly catalog. There is no doubt that its creator goes further in online marketing.

Rich content catalog from

Many marketers use videos and images in WordPress website to promote your online business. It is a great idea for online marketing. But is it possible for the rich media content? Yes, it is possible with flipbook software. You just need to create a WordPress plugin of your content. For example, you can create PDF brochure plugin ( ) to install in WordPress website. Then the stunning flipping brochure can be shown on your website.

As an online marketer, you should make efforts to satisfy the readers. At first your content should break the ground with rich media now. If you succeed, there is no doubt that your online marketing will gain a big step forward. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Online Pamphlet Maker Can Build Up Brand Reputation and Power

Do you know what is pamphlet? Do you have any idea to build up your brand reputation and power by creating a really wonderful online pamphlet? A pamphlet is an unbound leaflet containing message and information about a single subject. If you can take good use of digital online pamphlet, then it can help you build up brand reputation and power. First of all, you should create your interesting online pamphlet with a powerful online pamphlet maker.

AnyFlip is your best choice to create wonderful online pamphlet with interesting contents and beautiful layout. There are two digital pamphlet solutions for users to publish and distribute page flip pamphlet. With online solution, users can upload PDF to online pamphlet directly and then insert logo to brand your pamphlet. With offline solution, you are able to create interactive contents by adding action above inserted multimedia contents such as video, image and more.

Create Interesting Multimedia Content
Content plays an important role in a whole pamphlet. Anyway, if you want to insert multimedia contents into your page flip pamphlet, you should download desktop version of AnyFlip to continue. In order to make your pamphlet interactive enough by AnyFlip, you can try to add actions such as open a URL, slideshow and more above the inserted contents.

Insert Logo to Build Brand Awareness
No matter online and offline version of AnyFlip you are using, you are able to insert logo and logo URL for your digital pamphlet with ease. Once you mark your page flip pamphlet with your logo and link, then it will lead users to your website or online shop easily.

Publish and Share to Build up Brand Reputation

With AnyFlip, you can publish your page flip pamphlet online and offline for distributing in a convenient way. Once you upload it online, it is time to share your online pamphlet to social networking or share to your subscribers via email. Social media is one of the most effective to promote your brand, build brand awareness and build up brand reputation. 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Top 3 Flip Book Creators to Launch your Digital Magazine

Want to read a digital magazine instead of printed magazine? Want to create a stunning digital magazine to attract customers? Want to deliver unique reading experiences for your users? As we know that it is digital reading time. People prefer read digital publication online or offline rather than printed book, magazine and brochure. Then in the article, you will find top 3 magazine publishing software to launch wonderful digital magazine to make your customer have a wonderful reading experiences.


PUB HTML5 is awesome flip book creator for launching page flipping magazine from PDF, MS Office file and images. If you would like to make your digital magazine with beautiful layout, you can try to change template, background image and customize function settings with ease. If you want to make it interactive, just try to insert multimedia contents into page flip magazine and add actions and events above inserted objects easily. All in all, PUB HTML5 can not only create page flipping magazine in 3 simple steps, but also create interactive multimedia contents and interface.

FlipBook Creator

FlipBook Creator enables users to turn PDF into flash-based digital magazine simply. On one hand, it provides multiple beautiful templates and themes to customize layout settings; on the other hand, you can publish your page flipping magazine as plugin for Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal.

PDF to Flash Magazine Professional

PDF to Flash Magazine Professional is powerful free magazine publishing software for transferring PDF into page flipping magazine. With PDF to Flash Magazine Professional, you can create page flip magazine with beautiful design. In addition, you can share digital magazine to social networking as long as you upload it online in advanced.