Thursday, August 28, 2014

Free Page Flipping Software for Digital Books and eBooks

Along with the rapid development of economic and society, the digital publication industry is becoming mature and mature in recent years. Then do you want to read your PDF or text file as realistic page flipping book like paper book? Are you looking for free page flipping software for digital books and eBooks? If you use it for personal use, then you will have wonderful reading experience and fun; if you use it for commercial, then it will help you attract visitor and impress your audiences. Here we collect several free page flipping software for converting PDF, images and MS Office file into page turning digital publication with ease. Here we go.


PUB HTML5 is free page flipping software for creating online digital books and eBooks. It provides totally free online platform for users to upload PDF to online digital book with page flipping effect. But you have to sign up and log in before you upload PDF files. With PUB HTML5, for one thing the digital book is compatible with almost all browsers on mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone and Android; for another you can insert Google AdSense and Google Analytice to have deep insight of your customers’ behavior.

If you are looking for free page flip software with multilingual, eFlip Standard is right that kind of page flip software. eFlip Standard can create page flip eBook from PDF with ease. And you can make the page flip book talk by inserting assistant of ebook with audio and text.

3D Page Flip Standard

3D PageFlip Standard is affordable page flip software to show printable FlipBook in 3D way. On one hand, you can create digital book and ebooks with 360 degree rotation; on the other hand, you can build our brand by inserting logo and home URL with ease. In addition, there is Mac version as well. 

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