Tuesday, August 26, 2014

5 Features Digital Publishing Platform Must-Have - PUB HTML5

As we know that there are a lot of providers of digital publishing platform for user to choose. A wonderful HTML5 digitalpublishing platform can create impressive and interesting digital publications such as digital magazine, digital catalog, digital brochure and e-book with page turning effect. Then do you have any idea of definition of good digital publishing platform? In the article, we will show you what features digital publishing platform should have. Let’s take PUB HTML5 for example.

HTML5 Based
HTML5 is an important feature for any digital publishing platform. That’s because a digital publishing platform built in html5 enables users to have wonderful reading experience with digital publication on iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices.


Media-Rich Content
With PUB HTML5 (http://pubhtml5.com/page-flip-software), users can create digital publications with rich multimedia and animation contents with ease. For one thing, edit page of pub html5 enables users to insert gorgeous multimedia content to make digital publication impressive and novel; for another, animation editor allows users to add animation content and object timeline to make it vivid and attractive. PUB HTML5 can present your idea perfectly as long as you have powerful enough imagination.

Flexible Output Options
The flexible output options of PUB HTML5 make users can read and share digital publication in a convenient way. With PUB HTMlL5, users can convert PDF to online digital publication with several clicks directly or publish offline as a format you need. Anyway, with desktop version, users can insert multimedia and animation content easily and publish digital publication flexibly.

Searchable and Zoomable Content
An excellent digital publishing platform should allow users to search the content and zoom in and out the content with ease. With PUB HTML5, you can double right click mouse to zoom the content. Anyway, PUB HTML5 supports to search the content as text but not images only so far.

SEO Friendly
To make your digital publication to be found by search engine is really an important feature. A digital publishing platform should include the abilities to create multiple SEO profile where you are able to customize title, description and keywords. 

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