Friday, June 27, 2014

Create Life-like Animation Page Flip Story Book with Audio for Children

Most of children love to listen to grow-up to tell the wonderful story before going to bed. And they love to read the story book by themselves. Then now you get problem in finding free and good quality audio story book. In this case, do you want to DIY a wonderful audio page flip story with lovely audio and life-like animation? If you do, what you need to do is to prepare your story book PDF, audio and a wonderful page flip story book maker.

In the article, we will show you how to create a page flip story book with multimedia content and lovely animation by Flip PDF Professional. Flip PDF Professional is digital publication software to create online shareable ebook, magazine, brochure and catalog with page flipping effect in minutes. Now let’s start with importing PDF to Flip PDF Professional.

Import PDF
It is simple to import PDF to page flip book. You are able to select page range to import, page quality and size and other advanced settings while you are in importing window.

Select a template for story book
There are diverse of beautify and novelty templates and theme for your page flip story book. if you can’t find a satisfied theme from default and online list, then you can try to create a theme on your own. That’s not complicated at all. By the way, you are able to customize the toolbar and layout with customize list.

Insert Animation and Audio
Page Editor is one of the wonderful features of Flip PDF Professional. It allows users to insert audio in each page and animation which support .swf format. Furthermore, the images slideshow, video and link can be inserted as well.

Publish Page Flip Story Book

Users can publish the page flip story book with audio online or offline. Anyway, once you upload the page flip story book online, then you can share it social network and email someone directly. If you publish it offline, then you can embed and share anywhere as you want. By the way, the page flip story book can be viewed on mobile devices such as tablet, smartphone smoothly as long as you upload it online. 

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