Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Free Presentation Tool to Create a Presentation That Will Impress

Do you know that PowerPoint has been launched over 25 years? With the help of PowerPoint, most of us can create and deliver a presentation for business, class and more. The good news is that you are no longer limited to create and give a presentation with PowerPoint. There are multiple free presentation tools for you to create a presentation that will impress you audiences simply. Focusky is one of the free presentation tools that either work with PowerPoint file or make your start from scratch to make and give engaging presentations.

Start from PowerPoint or Scratch
Focusky (focusky.com) offers you a tool that similar to PowerPoint, and it has the advantages of being online. In addition, you are able to import an existing PowerPoint presentation into Focusky for editing and enriching. Furthermore, you can start from pre-designed templates to create your fabulous presentations.

Online and Offline Creation
There are two versions of Focusky. One is online version which allows you to create presentations online by uploading PDF and PowerPoint file. But you can't edit presentation while you are using web based Focusky. The other is desktop solution that allows you edit and publish presentation as web page, video, app and archive. However, desktop solution also allows you to publish your killer presentation to cloud in order to share and embed easily.

Share and Embed Presentation
Social networking is an excellent platform for you to share and communicate with your friends. Then Focusky offers a convenient way to share your killer online presentation to social networking. What’s more, it can be embedded into website as you need.

All in all, Focusky is excellent free presentation tool to create killer multimedia content and animated presentation. What's more, it is a outstanding web based tool for creating engaging presentation to impress your audiences. 

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