Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Top Useful Converter Tool for Publishing Online and Offline Flip Book

Are you looking for a useful converter tool to create online and offline flip book? If you still find nothing, then you can’t miss this article which introduces three top useful converter tools for publishing online and offline flip book. As a matter of fact, publish flipbook online is convenient for sharing on social media sites, embedding on website and reading on mobile devices; publish offline is for reading the flip book on local smoothly and simply. All in all, there is always a proper converter tool suitable for you. Now let’s start with Flip HTML5.

Flip HTML5 (Demo/Download)
With Flip HTML5, users can choose a proper plan from five plans based on their actual needs. They are Free, Standard, Pro, Gold and Platnum. Besides, Flip HTML5 is developed based on HTML5 and jQuery which means you can check the flip book on mobile devices more smoothly than others. And there are two ways to publish page flip book. One is to upload online in order to share easily, embed quickly and read on mobile devices smoothly; the other is to publish to local to view easily.

In addition, the powerful Flip Book Editor plays an important role in enriching html5 flip book. In a word, Flip HTML5 is a professional flip book converter to convert PDF, OpenOffice, Office and images to gorgeous page turning html5 book. Anyway, fliphtml5 pdf to flipbook converters free download and get more information from Flip HTML5 Home.

Flippagemaker.com is a professional website to provides multiple useful flipbook converters and free flipbook readers. Here we will take flipbook converter called flipbook creator for example. Different from Flip HTML5, FlipBook Creator is developed based on Flash and HTML5 and it only support PDF file. With FlipBook Creator, the gorgeous can be embeded on websites to help attract more visitors.

Flip PDF for iPad

Flip PDF for iPad is one of the impressive products of flippdf.com. Flip PDF for iPad is a wonderful converter to convert PDF file into page flipping book to read on iPad friendly. It also means it is special design for creating flipping book fro iPad. Furthermore, it is an amazing builder which requires no flash to create html5 digital editions with ease.